Will there be broken panes on Windows 8?

windows 8

With Microsoft soon releasing Windows 8, it is a good time to open up the window and take a deeper look inside. There are some exciting features being released in this new version of Windows. The big question is will this version be free of broken panes? As many Windows users know, when Microsoft releases new versions of their operation system (OS) it’s not always a good thing. In some cases, its been an outright disaster.

Windows 8 could be the OS to get Microsoft back in the game and potentially make them a contender for the leading OS against Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. One might consider Windows 8  a hybrid OS because it’s designed to work both on a standard type of computer or a touch-based device. Being able to toggle from the new Metro UI to the standard Windows UI is extremely important due to the limited amount of touch-style devices. I believe Microsoft is opening the door for device manufacturers to develop a laptop style device with touch capabilities that has computing power to handle everyday tasks.

Microsoft not only revamps the user experience in Windows 8, they also introduced a new design feel into the interface. I have to say they did a really good job from what I have seen thus far. It has a clean and modern looking design that’s refreshing to see. Microsoft is slowly doing away with the bubbly glossy look and moving to a flat, clean iconic-based design.

Windows 8 Release Preview

Only time will tell if Windows 8 will live up to its full potential and not become a bust like many of its predecessors. If successful, it will be very exciting to see how Google and Apple respond as well as device manufactures. As a designer I want nothing more than a touch-based computer powerful and large enough to design on.

You can download a 90 developer trial if you would like to test-drive it.

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