3 Socially Conscious Brands to Watch

Entrepreneurs and business leaders with a socially conscious edge? We get it. We appreciate it. We want more of it. (And so do consumers.)

This happy union of business and social good has been around for a while now, but there are some new companies leading the way. Here are our top three to watch:

Warby Parker – This vintage-inspired eyewear retailer is a “Buy One, Give One” company that is growing like a weed (or whatever growing 500 percent in one year looks like).

Revolution Foods  - Recently crowned one of the “Rockstars of the New Economy” by B Labs, the nonprofit behind B Corps, the Oakland-based Revolution Foods provides healthy food alternatives to school lunches. Launched in 2006, the company has served more than 30 million meals — created with whole foods like grains and vegetables — while keeping costs low, averaging $2.50 per lunch.

PharmaSecure – Did you know that counterfeit prescriptions are a big problem in the developing world? , which was backed with $3.9 million from an ex-Google CEO, enables customers to authenticate medications via mobile phone.

Who else is making waves with a socially conscious business? Leave us a comment, and we’ll add some more to the list!




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