Plan Your Bathroom Breaks Accordingly

The NFL Playoffs are about to begin, which means two things:

My beloved Green Bay Packers have a shot at another Super Bowl victory – a “G-peat” – and the Super Bowl ads are right around the corner.

This year’s air time sold out by Thanksgiving for a mere $3.5 million per spot. Pundits have long debated the value of dropping that type of media coin on one spot. I’m neither for nor against it, but as an agency creative, I do enjoy watching.

It’s fun checking USA Today and the trade pubs the next day to see what resonated with consumers.

It’s time to see if what I think is funny, is funny to millions of Americans.

Time to see if the same spots that make an emotional connection with me do the same for others.

Time to see if you and I agree on the spots are the best and the worst.

Time to wonder why I’ve ever done business with Go Daddy.

Well, this year we don’t have to wait until the day after the big game.

This year, USA Today and Facebook have teamed up to create the “USA Today-Facebook Super Bowl Ad Meter.” It will allow you to view, rate and share Super Bowl ads. The best part about the new Ad Meter is that this will be the first time consumers – not just focus groups – will be able to determine who will be this year’s winner of the USA Today Ad Meter.

Who will unseat last years winners, Bud Light and Doritos? Plan your bathroom breaks accordingly and be sure to cast your vote.

And let me know which spot was your favorite. Game on!