Channel surfing TV title sequences for design inspiration

As a designer, I’m always looking to stay inspired. I was recently asked to build a newsletter template for the Viking Culinary Center in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. While this project is not very complex, for me, the creative process is similar whether the job is an in-depth website design or a smaller-scale direct mail piece.

Before I start designing, I dig into my bucket of ideas to get the creative juices flowing. For this project, I decided to go beyond my typical sources of inspiration turning instead to TV title sequences.  With today’s technology, many people fast forward through TV selections not realizing they are missing out on some brilliant design concepts.  For me, TV title sequences can be great sources of typography and motion graphics inspiration.

If I were writing this in the ‘90s I would have never looked at a title sequence for inspiration. In fact, I would probably be asking, “Where is the fast-forward button?”  Take the TV show “Growing Pains” as an example. You’ll no longer see that cheesy montage of photos zooming in and out and the poorly placed typography. In today’s programming, with high-definition TV, new technologies and  innovative digital educational opportunities, title sequence designs have become much more visually pleasing.  In fact, some sequences are so well executed they’ve been awarded Emmys.

Here are brilliant executed TV title sequences:






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