And Here’s The Pitch …

Monday marks the start of AMC’s advertising agency reality series called “The Pitch.”
If you haven’t heard, The Pitch is where two agencies square off each week to win a potential piece of a brand’s business. A sneak preview was released last week to mixed reviews from folks in the advertising biz.

I think copywriter Cary Moore summed it up best in my good friend Michael Palma’s recent blog post, “Hernias and the Sausage Factory.”

“If you rolled the cameras and re-created a typical week in a creative department, it would be the most boring television ever made. What we actually do isn’t very glamorous to a cold set of eyes. They had to make it contrived to make it even remotely watchable.”

Like a lot of people in advertising, part of me is still curious to see how the rest of the agencies compare. How they present, how they execute, etc., etc.
Michael Gass’ Fuel Lines posted a list of the agencies that are participating and the 27 who declined the invitation.

After reading the list, I started to wonder who else besides people in the agency business would even watch a show like this? In fact most clients could care less how efficient their agency’s process is. What clients or potential clients really care about is how effective their agency is (meaning: how can they improve my return on investment).

Michael Palma points out in his post, “Does a butcher take you in the back of the store and say — ‘Here’s where we take the gizzards and chop them up. And these are the casings that we stuff the fat and chopped organs into. Our casings are made of the finest pig intestines.’ If this happened, you may never eat sausage again.”

Well, regardless, this Milwaukee native is gonna pick up some brats, a couple beers and tune into AMC April 30 at 9:00 p.m. Let me know what you think of The Pitch.

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